A Biological Grade "A"

This is a picture of a grade 11 Biology lab.  The student earned an 87%, we didn't "directly" help with this assignment. We'll tell you how.

At Luke's Tailored Tutoring we help students understand content, but most importantly we teach students how to study and complete assignments independently.  Independence builds confidence.

This is a biology lab that one of our students completed independently using our study principles that we taught them in just 1 hour. From this 1 hour session they have applied this knowledge to every assignment afterwards. This is the first assignment that they received back and we couldn't be more proud of them.  Biology is a tricky subject because it consist of "memorization" which is a term that we hear on a daily basis.  

By understanding the content versus memorizing it, this student went from a 65% on their previous lab to an 87%.  

Join us to find out why "understanding" triumphs "memorizing" 


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Article created by Menelek Luke, CEO of Luke's Tailored Tutoring