Our Relations Program, None of Its Kind


We have created a 3 week academic success program that many students will benefit from.

Our Program is called the "Relations Program."

Our program will cover the following list of topics to provide tools for students to make informed decision. 

1. Taxes (what they are and how to do them)
2. Mortgage (overview)
3. Debt (what is it?)
4. Savings Account
5. The importance of voting
6. Curriculum Vitae/ Resume and Cover Letter
7. Banking (TFSA, what is a mutual fund, what is an index stock, how do we invest)
8. Buying a house or a car (what to look for)
9. Budgeting

These topics serve a great importance to adults and are pivotal in our success when planning our goals.

Our program will start December 1st 2015 at the Whitby Public Library. 

This is a great way to kick start our student's careers. Sign up for our program today <lukestutoring.com>.



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Article created by Menelek Luke, CEO of Luke's Tailored Tutoring