Why All Post-Secondary Student's Need Business Cards

You might think it's too early to have one, but a business card can change you from a student to a desired network. 

You might be thinking what you should put on a business card as a student. Below we have the some key things you need to separate yourself. 

You should have some of your personal information such as your name, phone number, email (Gmail accounts look more professional), home address, and LinkedIn profile URL.

You should also include a head shot photo. 

Below is an example.


What not to include:

Employers are not too keen on the word "student", even though you are a student. Refrain from that word because it's another word for "inexperienced." Remember your business card is the professional side of a student. The side that is ready to contribute to a company, not the side studying for exams. 

There are no concrete rules to student business cards. Give it a try and hand them to the right people in your destined field. 


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Article created by Menelek Luke, CEO of Luke's Tailored Tutoring