Our Affiliation with Mind-Body Fusion

We have teamed up with Mind-Body Fusion to give our athletes and professionals the ultimate package. At Luke's Tailored Tutoring we want to ensure our student athletes have the best academic and athletic advantage. Both Luke's Tailored Tutoring and Mind-Body Fusion will offer discounted tutoring and coaching packages for combined services.

"A strong mind teaches the body what it's supposed to do. A strong body allows the mind to carry out its tasks. When the two fuse together, you get one thing: results" - Matthew Caldaroni, CEO Mind-Body Fusion. Matthew is the Owner and CEO of Mind-Body Fusion.

Mind-Body Fusion helps people reach whatever level of success they desire through altering their mindset; unlike many personal trainers and mentors, Mind-Body Fusion takes the approach of holistic health and emphasizes why everything in the mind must be in check first before someone can commit to a lifestyle/performance change. Mind-Body Fusion’s team has worked with various athletes to help them increase their speed, explosive movements, strength, endurance, and injury rehabilitation.

Visit Mind-Body Fusion's Website for more information on different coaching packages < www.mind-bodyfusion.com >.

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