How to email your professor... Properly

We've heard it all after speaking with various professors.
Student's addressing professors as "Yo Prof" or the classic "Hey :)." 

The issue when incorrectly addressing your professor is that you will get a late response or no response at all. Below we will show you how to write a correct email. 

"Subject Heading: Diesel and Octane Use

Hi Dr. Kennedy,

After reading chapter 6, I wanted to clarify if octane or diesel gas is best for a Honda Civic? Please refer to chapter 6, page 456, and paragraph 3.


Menelek Luke
Student Number: 1234578
Course Code: ENG 3000U
Section: 003"

What does this email contain:

  • Proper Subject Heading

  • Proper Professional Addressing "Dr."

  • Detailed and concise question

  • Very detailed page reference

  • Detailed student information about yourself

Remember with up to 400 students in a class a professor has no patience's for incomplete emails.

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Article created by Menelek Luke, CEO of Luke's Tailored Tutoring