Everyone Meet Isaac Malloo


We first met Isaac on May 23, 2015 which was the day of his academic assessment.  Issac’s parents reached out to us to supplement his education because he was having difficulty achieving his academic goals. After his academic assessment, we asked Isaac to give us the same amount of effort that we gave him and he did just that.

We devised a 3 month plan for Isaac’s educational success and he began to implement promptly. He immediately became effective to the point where we had to compile the 3 month plan into a 2 month plan. Isaac’s diligence paired with his patience were key factors during his progression. He took ownership of his grades and experienced a great deal of success!

At Luke’s Tailored Tutoring, we believe in embracing an atmosphere of positive support. In saying this, we are pleased to present our current and past academic specialists that have helped Isaac to reach his goal.

       Sean Coombes                                        Nicole D’Cunha                             Katherine Koehler -Grassau 

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Nicole D.JPG

Isaac’s incredible drive to learn and grow with the support of our team has led him to great success as he earned his position on the honour roll.

Well Done Isaac!



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