Congratulations to Kelly Nelson - A former Academic Specialist with LTT

We are happy to announce that our Academic Math and Chemistry Specialist Kelly Nelson has accepted a full time Teaching position with the Grande Prairie Catholic District School Board! 

We couldn't be happier for Kelly as she starts her journey as a teacher. We have had the opportunity to work closely with Kelly during her time with LTT. 

She has contributed to 3 of our 13 student's accepting their offers to Post-Secondary in 2015. She connects very well with the students and helped which helps has with several of our partnerships.

On a personal note, we thoroughly enjoyed having Kelly on our team. Her demeanor made many days easier for LTT and especially our students! We will look back on Kelly's time in our programs with much admiration and gratitude as she was always willing to jump into any situation. 

Kelly is a dedicated teacher who truly cares about her craft and students. She presents herself well and any school looking to add an exceptional teacher to their school would do well to take a closer look at Kelly Nelson.