Most Parents say, "the classroom curriculum is not rigorous enough."


Most parents enroll their child into our after-school program because they feel that the in class curriculum is not "rigorous" enough.

Most parents who have children in elementary program usually say,

"I remember having homework every day, and my child gets homework once a week. I don't feel like this will prepare them for high school." This is a verbatim from a tutoring online application.

There has been an increase in our after school programs with elementary students as parents become more in tuned with the stresses of high school work.

We focus on independent learning skills in order to achieve better academic scores. These students are primarily in the Durham Region and online for those who cannot attend face to face sessions.

Luke's Tailored Tutoring (LTT) had a significant increase in enrollment since 2011. As of January 2019, over 200 students were enrolled in the math and language online programs alone.

After speaking with one of our students during our check in they said, "sometimes the pace of our class is very fast! I feel better knowing that I don’t have to get everything in class because my tutor always covers what I didn't understand." -  Mackenzie H, student of LTT in Whitby

During our assessment most parents will say "the teacher this year is much different than last year" or "My child doesn't get along with their teacher." We always remind parents that every child has a slightly different learning style which can be challenging to teachers when they have 20+ students at once. What's important is to work with students and their classroom teachers to help their overall growth.

Some students prefer teachers who get right to the point and some prefer teachers who explain material in detail which ultimately impacts the overall educational experience.


"It has been 2 weeks and my tutor has completed the review of the material that I didn't understand and now we will start with present date work and I feel much better." Michael T, student of LTT in Ajax

With only half of Ontario's Grade 6 students meeting the provincial standards for math from 2016-2017 academic year, it makes parents think what else that they can do to ensure their child gets the most out of an educational program.

With many worried parents contacting us, we can say that there is good news. The Ministry of Education has put forth an $8 million budget to the Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership initiative. This program will help grades kindergarten to grade 6 develop numeracy and literacy skills for before and after-school tutoring programs.

Even with this news, our private tutoring services have become more popular with our rates starting at $35/ hour. There are other popular tutoring locations that were searched with an average starting rate of $40/hr.

Not all private tutoring programs are best suited for students and it is key for parents to understand what programs to stay away from.

Parents should avoid programs that focus on speed and/or memorization, said Menelek Luke, an Academic Coordinator at Luke's Tailored Tutoring.

Tutoring is a gradual process where students are able to make mistakes and learn from them. Any program that is fast tracked is one that needs to be avoided.  

 Created by Menelek Luke, Founder of Luke's Tailored Tutoring