Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us. 

Pricing and Payments

  • What is the cost of tutoring? 
    Program pricing will vary as our sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of students. The components that make up the program's total cost include: program length, tutoring subjects, hourly instruction cost and the payment schedule that best fits the student. Contact us to get the most specific information regarding pricing and payment options.

  • Does Luke's Tailored Tutoring offer financial assistance?
    Yes, we offer a flexible student program to ensure students get the help they need. Affordable monthly payment options are available and the approval process is simple.

  • Are there any special offers for new customers?
    Yes; we offer a three-session newcomer plan for
    students who are new to Luke's Tailored Tutoring. This is a great way to kick-start a tutoring program.

Program Efficiency 

  • What makes Luke's Tailored Tutoring so effective?
    Our focus begins with the students and the completion of our assessment. These results will allow us to create a tutor program specific to the student and the skills that need strengthening. To ensure a true understanding of the material being covered, we align our sessions with the provincial curriculum. With this type of instruction, students are taught to master a skill before they progress to the next. This mastery includes working on skills independently to ensure retention.

  • Why does Luke's Tailored Tutoring assess students when schools have already done so?
    Our program is based on our own assessment that will help identify and develop students' needs. We need to know exactly what the student's needs are in order to unlock their potential. The results of this assessment are forwarded to our educational experts who then tailor an individualized learning plan. For more details check out "Assessment".

  • How will parents/students know if they are making progress?
    The positive changes seen within students at home and in school will be obvious. Additionally, we collect the contact information of teachers in order to track students' weekly academic progress and to maintain an up to date progress report that can be shared with parents.

Program Description

  • What programs does Luke's Tailored Tutoring offer?
    We create individualized tutoring programs in math, science and languages. For more details about our programs, check out "Our Programs.

  • What kind of training do the tutors have?
    Our tutors must complete an extensive interview process which will demonstrate their capabilities to tutor in their specialized subject area. Each tutor must submit academic transcripts for all subjects they tutor with a minimum grade of 85 per cent. For K-grade 12 students, tutors can either be at the senior high school, post-secondary or graduate level. For post-secondary students, the tutor must be at a post-secondary or university graduate level.

  • Can Luke's Tailored Tutoring give students the individual attention they need?
    Tutors work with no more than three students at a time, depending on students'/parents' preferences. This type of personalized interaction ensures students will have their questions and needs addressed quickly. There is no fear of "being left behind," as might occur in a larger group setting. 

  • Where are the tutoring sessions held?
    We conduct our tutoring sessions in the homes of students or at the local library. At Luke's Tailored Tutoring we do not invest in office locations in order to keep our tutoring costs low. If students are located outside of the Durham Region, we offer online sessions.


  • How many times a week will students require tutoring?
    Working with students and parents, we will determine the number of tutoring sessions per week, based on the student's specific needs. To meet any busy schedules, we offer convenient hours including after school, evening and weekend sessions. We also offer live, online tutoring from the convenience of students' home. Students and tutors work in real time and are able to talk with each other throughout the lessons. Students can ask questions and get immediate feedback.


  • How do I know if a student needs tutoring?
    There are some clear signs a student may need a tutor, including a loss of interest in learning, struggling to focus on homework, receiving poor test scores and/or the development of a low self-esteem. It is important to take action early and seek a reputable tutoring provider. A good personal tutor inspires and helps students develop study habits and organizational skills that will result in significantly improved schoolwork and test scores.