Soccer Kidz Day

On July 20, 2013, Luke's Tailored Tutoring collaborated with Synergy solutions, Mimo's Kids Art and Blue Phoenix to host a soccer camp for children.

The children were taught the basics of soccer and the importance of education.

We enjoyed freezies and fun games that allowed the children to interact with each other. 

This is an annual summer event.




Our Riddlers

Every February Luke's Tailored Tutoring has weekly riddles for anyone to answer. We post our riddles on our blog and each contestant has a week to answer. 

Those who answer correctly will have their names put in a draw at the end of the week to win a gift card to an establishment of their choice. 

Check out some of our winners.

Visit our Facebook page to see our Riddles!



Strive for the Drive

December 2016,

Every year we come together to make a mass donation to a local charity. This year we donated 43 cans of food to the Durham Region Salvation Army.

We couldn't be more proud of our contributors, and we can't wait for out next donation!