Yondite: Education of Business Presentation Tickets June 15, 2019


Yondite: Education of Business Presentation Tickets June 15, 2019


What does the Yondite mean?

The tickets are $35. Attendees will get back $10 of the $35 at the door in play money to give to other businesses at the event based on interest level and how well you can pitch your company or idea. You can then cash out the play money for real money when you leave the event.

Purpose of the invitation

To help 12 well-driven individuals start, grow, or maintain a business within the 1st five years of operating. We will cover:

  • The Education in Business

    1. Descriptive Vision

    2. Start-up costs

    3. Variance from competition

    4. Assembling a great team

    5. Growth Phase

    6. Exit Strategy

  • How to teach yourself and other’s about your industry

  • How to balance work and your business

  • How to advertise your business

 Day, Time, and Location:

The “Yondite: Education of Business ” presentation date and time:

  • Location: CSI Spadina, 192 Spadina Ave.

  • Space: Meeting Room F (3rd floor)

  • Date and time: Arrive at 1: 30 PM to sign in Saturday, June 15. Presentation starts at 2:00pm until 4:00pm

  • 1st 45 mins will consist of an interactive presentation. The remaining time will be dedicated to the “Yondite”

Hosted by:

Menelek Luke the Founder of Luke’s Tailored Tutoring will host this event. Menelek founded Luke’s Tailored Tutoring in 2011. Since then he has built a team of 40 educators that have serviced over 800 students in the GTA and throughout Canada. He has also secured partnerships with American Express Canada, and Ontario Tech University.

Businesses that he has successfully helped:

  • JMC Promotions

  • Nader EID

  • Go3Inc

  • Michy Styles

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/menelek-luke-735b716b

Dress Code and Other Info:

The dress code is business casual and you must be 18+ to attend this event. Questions will be taken during and after the presentation. Please bring pen and paper.

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