We offer online tutoring to effectively tutor math, science, and English throughout Canada. Online tutoring has many benefits, especially on days that are not weather permitting.

Online Tutoring

Step 1. Create or use an existing Skype account and email your username to menelek@lukestutoring.com

Step 2. Send us your work by email as an attachment (scan or take a picture).

The Six Advantages of Online Tutoring

  1. Availability- Geographic location is not an issue for our online tutors and we can accommodate your schedule.

  2. Selection- This allows students to select and work with multiple tutors who specialize in different subjects from a distance.

  3. Value- Students get the full attention they need because we can broadcast our screen on to other computers and show students step by step how to solve each problem.

  4. Convenience- If students are uncomfortable with face-to-face tutoring or if they would like to cut costs on fuel and travel times, they can be tutored from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

  5. Accessibility- Some students do not have access to a local tutor who specializes in their subject. Our online service provides students with the opportunity to receive help regardless of their location.

  6. Technology- Some students worry there may be technical hindrances however, using a well-established online service such as Skype allows for a smooth video broadcast. Students can even record the online tutoring sessions for future references.

Sample Online Tutoring Video