Our Affiliation with Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club

Proud to announce our affiliation with Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club.

We will be providing SAT/ACT prep courses as well as discounted tutoring sessions to help ensure student-athletes earn the grades to enter post-secondary athletics.

This will allow players to come to one place for player development as well as undivided player education.

Players will be helped in Math, Science, Languages, Finances, and Computer Technology at the Whitby Soccer Club or at their home location.    

As in 2014, our ultimate goal is to make sure each senior high-school student earns the grades that they need for post-secondary school. This includes excellent test scores for Canadian Universities and SAT/ ACT scores for divisional schools the US. 


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Article created by Menelek Luke, Founder of Luke's Tailored Tutoring