Kirsten’s Luke’s Tailored Tutoring Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Kirsten was selected for our $100 scholarship out of 72 applicants. Our scholarship was based on a leadership question from a real life business example. The scenario was:

"A hedge fund company QRS has 30 workers and they have been in business for 15 years. 10 of the workers are excellent at their job, 10 of the workers are average, and the last 10 are holding the company back. They are second best to their rival company WXY who has been in business for 10 years. How would you make changes to the QRS company to make them number 1?"

Kirsten was able to articulate leadership skills and decision making skills which we believe will help to progress her to new heights as she starts her post-secondary schooling in September.

As this was our first case study scholarship, and we are ecstatic about the number of applicants and the various amount of responses. Thank you to everyone who participated and we will look forward to offering more scholarships in the near future.

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Article created by Menelek Luke, Founder of Luke's Tailored Tutoring