Do Bad Teachers Exist?


Bad connections between students and teachers exist, but does that make the teacher bad?


Taking a look into social styles, there are 4 of them:

Driver:  A person who wants to get straight to the solution - personality example: Army Commander

Analytical:  A person who wants to be accurate and informative – Ask lots of questions - personality example:  News Reporter

Expressive:  A person who needs to have their emotions addressed and prefers activities that are energetic and engaging – personality example: TV Talk Show Host

Amiable:  A person who will not ask questions, needs the teacher to be supportive and helpful by following up with student


We introduce these terms because if a student is an analytical learner, but their teacher has an amiable social style, the students experience will not be the best and vice versa.


An example is a teacher who is a driver and wants to get straight to the solution and shows very minimal steps when arriving to their answers. Some students who are also a driver learn very well this way because it keeps them engaged. If a student is an expressive learner they may struggle in this class.


This is why some students will say they enjoy a teachers class, but another student of a different social style will say the exact opposite. For 1:1 sessions it is very easy to limit this challenge, however, when teachers have 25+ students in a class it makes it difficult to tailor to each individual.


Adapting is key, we always tell our students that college and university professors, even future managers will not change their ways. As much as a teacher may not change their social style, students must find ways to adapt to styles so that they are not left behind.

Menelek Luke

Luke's Tailored Tutoring- "Education Tailored for Success!"